Photo organizer.

Shift exif time in one or more photos in a folder or in a set of folders.
Rename all photos in a folder or in a set of folders.

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rename phots and/or manipulate time. This window shows you 7 thumbnails, sorted on filename or on EXIF time in the photo. If there is no EXIF time written in the photo, it will show as 0000:00:00 00:00:00 on the screen.
With the black arrowed buttons on the left you can go to the next photo, to the next 6 photos, to the last 7 photos, to the previous photo, to the previous 6 photos or to the first 7 photos in the folder. And with the slide bar, you can jump to any location in the folder. Where you are in the folder can always be seen in the titlebar of the window.

Sort on exif time or filename. Sorting the photos can be done on filename or on exif time. Only when you sort on exif time, the number of hours between the moments that 2 successive photos were taken is shown on the screen in red.

Manipulate exif time. You can shift or write the EXIF time in 1, some or all photos in the folder (or set of folders). For shifting the time, just fill in a time in days, hours, minutes and/or seconds. For writing an exif time, fill in the yyyy:mm:dd and hh:mm:ss editboxes. If you are writing a time, you can check the Copy time. checkbox and then click one of the photos on your screen. Then the exif time of that photo will be copied to these edit boxes, so you can easily copy that time to one or more other photos.
With the next 6 radiobuttons you choose in which photos you are going to write or shift the exif time:
Option 1: Writing the time in all photos which does not have an exif time written in them. This option is only available if you are going to write a time. So, no shifting of time is possible here.
Option 2: In all photos in this folder or list with folders.
Option 3: Only in this photo. In the editbox you can fill in a name of a photo in the current directory. The easiest way to do that is by clicking on one of the 7 thumbnails you see on your screen.
Option 4: In all photos with a certain text in their name. Optionally, you can also specify at which position in the name that text has to start, to be eligible to be changed. For instance, if you specify dscn as the text and you check the checkbox and give the value of 1 as the starting position, the time in dscn2345.jpg will change but the time in pdscn34.jpg will not change.
Option 5: In all photos with a number in it's name, higher than. The exif time in all photos which has a number in it's name which is higher than the number specified in the textbox will change.
Option 6: In all photos with a number in it's name, lower than. The exif time in all photos which has a number in it's name which is lower than the number specified in the textbox will change.
By clicking on the button Shift exif time now in the selected photos. the shifting of time is done and, if the photos are sorted on exif time, the photos on the screen are sorted again, so you can immediately see the result of this action.

Rename photos. When you have finished with the exif time, the next logical step is to rename all the photos to, for instance, a simple numerical sequence. You can do that, and more, here. In the drop-down dialogbox you choose or create the pattern for the new name.
In this example it is ******** which will result in a number of at least 8 digits long which will start with the number as written in the Start with: editbox and each subsequent photo will be increased with the number as defined in the Next + editbox, here 1. You can also use any of the other placeholders as mentioned here and make combinations as you please.
Below that there are three lines in which you can choose to replace some text with another piece of text. At the right of each of the photos on your screen the new name as it would become if these renaming instruction are executed is written in lightgrey, so you can always see what the result will be. When you click on the Rename all the photos. button, all the photos will be renamed and you return to the main window.
Search for highest used number. If you click on this button, Photo organizer shows you a dialogbox in which you can choose a folder. It will then search for the highest used number in the first 9 digits of the names of all the photos it will find in that folder, including it's subfolders and when done will give you the choice to use that number as the starting point from which you can renumber the photos.
Back to main window without renaming. A button with which you go back to the main window without renaming any of the photos.
Select a folder for renaming photos. Here you can select a folder with photos for manipulating the exif time and renaming.
Select a set of folders for renaming photos. With this button you can choose a set of folders in which you want to manipulate the exif time and/or rename the photos in that set of folders.
The concept and method of working with a set of folders is explained on this page.

Other functions dialogbox. Copy photos to folder / delete superfluous photos from csv. rename photos, write data and/or shift time in photos in folder. (or a set of folders.) Extract thumbnails and/or remove tables from photos in a folder or a set of folders. Search for copies in a folder or in a set of folders. Create csv file from metadata from all photos in a folder or in a list with folders. Write metadata from csv file in all photos in a folder. Write metadata from screen in all photos in a folder. Change, create or combine text and/or csv files. Write exif time as iptc time and/or name of photos in photos and/or swap comment. Write relative foldertree to current textfile with foldernames. Use metadata in photos to select photos for a slidesow.
Clicking on any of the buttons on this picture brings you directly to that page of the explanation. Or you can go back to the start of the main page or back to other functions on the main page.

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