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Working with a set of folders.

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Sometimes you want to work with more than just a folder and it's subfolders. To make this possible, a set of folders can be used instead of a single folder for many of the batch functions in Photo organizer.
Working with a set of folders makes it possible to work with 10 different folders, each with or without it's subfolders. If you work with the subfolders, you can exclude 6 subfolders from each folder you add to the list of folders.
If you have chosen or created such a set of folders, a csv file is created with all the full names of all the photo's in the set of folders. This csv file is then used by the functions which work with a set of folders.
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using a set of folders.
This is the main dialogbox which you can reach by clicking on all the buttons which lead you to a set of folders. In this example just before you can start for doubles in a set of folders. (You can see that by the text on the large button in the bottom right corner of this dialogbox).

Choose the folders to include in the set. In the top half of the dialogbox you can choose up to 10 folders (or complete hard drives) to be included in this set. In this example, in the first line the complete hard drive D: is selected, inclusive all the subfolders on it, because the checkbox is checked. The leftmost button Remove from list makes it possible to remove this folder from the list. With the button Choose folder you can choose another folder to be included in this set of folders. On the button just to the right of the checkbox the text excluding the folders is written, indicating that from this folder, one or more subfolders are excluded from the set. Which ones can be seen by clicking on that button. They will then be shown in the part The folders, including their subfolders, to be excluded from the folder :..... There you can remove them from the exclusion list or you can add other subfolders, (up to 6) to be excluded from this set.
In the second line the hard drive F: is selected, inclusive it's subfolders. On the button just at the right of it's checkbox is the text subfolders to exclude? written. That means that from that folder no subfolders are excluded at that moment. By clicking on that button, you can start to add folders to exclude.
In the third line the folder E:\foto's test is chosen. But it's checkbox is not checked, so it's subfolders are not included. Therefore it is also not possible to choose specific subfolders to exclude. That button is now greyed out and contains the text nothing to exclude.

Exclude specific sub folders. In this part of the dialogbox you can see and choose which folders are to be excluded from one of the main folders mentioned in the top half of the dialogbox. In this example you see three folders which are excluded from the folder D:

Name for this set of folders. You can give each set of folders you define a name in the editbox and it will be stored as a textfile if you click on the button Save this set. With the Delete this set. button you delete the textfile with the name as mentioned in the editbox from your computer, without changing the set of folders as described on your screen.
In the dropdown box you can select a previously made set of folders. The name of that set is then placed in the editbox, so you can change it or delete it if you want to. Also the full set is then written on the screen.

cancel. The cancel button brings you back to where you came from without using the set of folders.

Continue. By clicking on the large button in the bottom-right corner you continue with the function you were about to start with and you will then use the list of folders as is defined in the window. The text on that button depends upon the function you were planning to do. In this example it is searching for identical photos in a set of folders.
If at that moment the set of folders has no name, Photo organizer will give it the name ~auto_save~ and save it as such. An existing textfile with that name will be replaced by this new textfile.

Other functions dialogbox. Copy photos to folder / delete superfluous photos from csv. rename photos, write data and/or shift time in photos in folder. (or a set of folders.) Extract thumbnails and/or remove tables from photos in a folder or a set of folders. Search for copies in a folder or in a set of folders. Create csv file from metadata from all photos in a folder or in a list with folders. Write metadata from csv file in all photos in a folder. Write metadata from screen in all photos in a folder. Change, create or combine text and/or csv files. Write exif time as iptc time and/or name of photos in photos and/or swap comment. Write relative foldertree to current textfile with foldernames. Use metadata in photos to select photos for a slidesow.
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