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write metadata from csv file to all photos mentioned in that csv file.

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Read metadata from csv file and write it back into the photos. A csv file which was previously written by Photo organizer can directly be edited by, for instance, Calc from Open office. Afterwards you can write the metadata from this edited csv file back to the photos from which it was originally read. This only works if the photos are still on exactly the same location as they were when the csv was made.

With the radiobuttons you choose which fields you want to write and how.
• If the leftmost radio button (= 1) is chosen, you overwrite the old content of that field.
• If you choose the middle radio button (= 2) you only write that field if that field is empty in the photo.
• If you choose the rightmost button (= 3) you add the info on the screen to the existing info in the photo. This last option is for some fields not possible.
With the three numbered buttons below the 'Select all' text you can select the same radiobutton for all fields with one click.

At the bottom of the window you see the 'fields in this csv' box. All fields which are present in the existing csv file are here written in black, the other fields are grey.

Choose which csv file to use to read the metadata from. With this button you choose the csv file which was previously written by Photo organizer in which the names are written of the photos to which the information, also in this csv file, shall be written. You can also choose to write the metadata directly into the original photos or to first make copies of those photos and then write the metadata into those copies. In that case, the original photos will not be changed at all.

Log activity or not. Here you can choose to create a textfile in which all the activity is reported. Three options: not writing any report, report only errors or report all processed filenames and errors. If you choose a textfile which already exists, the report will be added at the end of that textfile.
Go back to the main screen or start with this function. Here you return to the mainscreen without doing anything or you start the activity as you have defined with your choices in the rest of this dialogbox.

Write the fields in the photos. After pressing the Start batch button you get this window in which you can see what Photo organizer is doing.
In this example the process is already finished and the button says Back to main window.
But while this process is busy, you can stop it by pressing that button or you can shutdown the computer after this process is done by checking the checkbox. In that case, make sure that there are no other programs active which require your attention, otherwise those programs may prevent the shutdown of the computer.
After the job is done Photo organizer waits for you to click on the button with which you return to the main screen.

Other functions dialogbox. Copy photos to folder / delete superfluous photos from csv. rename photos, write data and/or shift time in photos in folder. (or a set of folders.) Extract thumbnails and/or remove tables from photos in a folder or a set of folders. Search for copies in a folder or in a set of folders. Create csv file from metadata from all photos in a folder or in a list with folders. Write metadata from csv file in all photos in a folder. Write metadata from screen in all photos in a folder. Change, create or combine text and/or csv files. Write exif time as iptc time and/or name of photos in photos and/or swap comment. Write relative foldertree to current textfile with foldernames. Use metadata in photos to select photos for a slidesow.
Clicking on any of the buttons on this picture brings you directly to that page of the explanation. Or you can go back to the start of the main page or back to 'other functions' on the main page.

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